Catching Up – Spelling Bee

I have been rather delinquent in sharing photos and figured this to be a good opportunity to start getting back in here with a few shots (good and bad) I have taken over the past few months.

Spelling Bee (School)

Two of my kids participated in their school’s spelling bee this year.  This is the first time that the school hosted this event and the kids were all excited and they diligently prepared for the event, which was well attended by parents in the middle of a school/work day.  This was also my first time to actually see a spelling bee.  I am glad I went and that these kids had the courage to prepare and go up to compete.


Daughter competing in spelling bee

While the images are far from great, because of my shaky hands and my distance fro the stage, I am still pleased with the memory.


Son competing in spelling bee

They both did a great job.  In fact all of the kids did well and they should be proud of themselves for participating and doing their best.  The top three would get an award and the top five would be eligible to participate in the regional spelling bee hosted by the school board.

My daughter didn’t make it to the top five but was on the sidelines rooting for her brother.  I could see her, with her fingers crossed, holding her breath for each of his turns.  It was actually quite suspenseful, hoping that he correctly spelled the word given to him.

The great news is that he earned top spot (1st Place) in the competition.


Son wins 1st Place

All in all, it was a great competition and he went on to participate in the regional competition.

Spelling Bee (Regional)


Regional spelling bee

We had a good showing from our school.  There were a total of about 50 kids competing with seats overflowing onto the gym floor.  My son managed to make it through several rounds before hitting a word that he made a mistake on.  One of his teammates made it a bit further.

This was a great experience for him and for us.  It was fun and they competed very well against those who invested in coaching and tutoring.  Yes, there are parents who had paid hundreds of dollars to give their kids an edge.  I don’t know how well their efforts paid off but I am certainly aware that there are parents who are seriously competitive with this sort of thing.  I encourage my kids but am not nearly so committed, even if I could afford to pay for such tutoring.

The kids plan to compete again next year, with a bit more studying and practice.

Great job kids!