Decisions decisions… a look back at why I choose the Nikon D7500

Here Opportunity Right False Decisions There

OK, a little background information here…

I love my old Nikon D90.  It has served me rather well for 10 years now after I had upgraded from the classic D40, and, while I have seen improvement over it in the D7xxx series, up to this point there wasn’t anything that suggested I spend my hard earned money to get one of these.

The Choices
In a pragmatic sense, the D7000 didn’t offer much more than what I currently have other than a slightly more megapixels, 39 AF points and still used the Expeed 2 processor.  The new dual card slots was an interesting addition but, as an amateur, really didn’t make any difference as far as how I would use it.  To me the difference didn’t warrant a new purchase, especially after only a short time with my D90.

Then on the the D7100 with a few more improvements but essentially the same as the D7000 with a jump top 24MP from 16, and 51 AF points.  And now there was a reported buffer overflow issue.  Still not enough to get  me to go for it.

The D7200 was one that did tempt me. It fixed the buffer issue and  the general feeling was great among those who jumped in with this one.  However, after three iterations of new models, I had a suspicion that there was about to be more change coming.

New Stuff
When the Full Frame D750 came out, that was a temptation as well.  I could see the benefits of the larger sensor and this would be a great landscape/portrait body.  One thing is that I have invested in DX lenses over the years and they would not be ideal for a full frame camera, thereby forcing me to get FX lenses.  This would be expensive.  Another is that I like to go out and try to take wildlife shots and the kids’ performances at school.  Besides, I like the extra reach I can get from DX.

Enter the D500.  Whoa!  This was a monster, in a good way, compared to what I currently own.  The new sensor and processor with the features had me all excited and drooling.  With its price(considerably higher than the D7xxx series) and it’s rather specialized nature for speed, as well as the notable missing popup flash combined with consumer type convenience features not evident; I decided that this was probably a no-go for me.  But I could still dream.

The D7500
Now came the much anticipated D7500!  It carries many of the features from the D90 and D7xxx series.  The controls are familiar (mostly) and it also delivers some key benefits from the D500!  I had to think long and hard on this one.  Missing are a couple of items I would have liked to keep:  The DOF (Depth of Field) Preview button was taken away and there is no longer metering with older manual focus lenses.  Not a huge deal but was worthy of consideration in my choices.

Still, the price was a barrier.  I have a family to support and cannot simply drop $1700 + taxes for a camera.  About 2 years ago, I started saving for a new camera in my Camera Savings folder, which is actually a zippered pencil case clearly and appropriately labelled.  I would periodically, add to this.  Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day were all opportunities to get a little bit in the form of cash and gift cards to my favourite camera shop (Henry’s).  It’s funny how a few dollars here and there can add up when there is a goal in mind.

Decision Made
Now, when I noticed that the D7500 went on sale a few weeks ago with a savings of $700, this brought it down to $999.  Now that’s more like it!  I had enough on hand to handle 1/2 of the cost.  The rest would need to be by credit card.  I took another look at how much is in my folder and then went to speak to my wife.  We don’t unilaterally make decisions on purchasing large items.  It’s always a team decision.  She is the best!  I just let her know about the sale and how much I currently have on hand.

Off to Henry’s I went all set to return home with a new toy.  Well, you know what they say about best laid plans…  the camera is on back-order.  OK, I figured.  I’ll just have to wait.  After all, I’ve been waiting this long.  So I ordered a new D7500.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  I am certainly anxious for it to arrive but the anticipation is a good thing.  I helps me appreciate what I have and it also keeps me excited for what comes next in my photographic journey.