One of the great things about life is that there is wonder all around us.  This means that wherever we look,  if we are open to it, we can find something special that catches our eye or piques our interest.  We may, if we are very lucky, find that elusive thing that touches our soul.

This is what I hope to share with anyone who has an interest in such wonder.  Some may consider this trite or perhaps that my own vanity is compelling me to do this.  That may be true.  My passions are God, my family, and photography – in that order.  I also have a lot of other interests and sometimes demonstrate a bit more than my fair share of hubris.

Here is where I will be sharing my opinions and experiences related to photography from one who is constantly learning because I have so much to learn.

To start off, I suggest you read the following to learn a bit more about me as I started on my quest to learn more about photography:

My hope is that you enjoy what I present to you and that you also share your own thoughts.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am glad yo found the blog were I write about Photography. Yep, thats all – just photography. Now that I know about you I plan on spending time browsing your site looking at your photos and reading what you have to say about your subjects.
    Nice to be in touch.

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