Initial Thoughts on my New Nikon D7500

OK now.  I’ve had this beauty for a couple of weeks and a little bit of time go get somewhat familiar with it.

I’m not certain whether anyone has made a direct comparison between the D7500 vs the D90 but here is my attempt.  I hope it proves to be at least a little bit informative.

Button and Dial Layout

After about 10-ish years and 4 iterations, one cannot expect the layout of buttons to be exactly the same, with new features and functionality.  That said, there are a few things I had/have to get used to, notably:

  • Metering mode button moved from the top to the back
  • AF mode moved from the top to a button on the AF/M selector next to the lens mount
  • Release mode button moved from the top and replaced by a Release Mode dial just below the Mode(PSAM/Scene) dial
  • ISO moved from the back to the top
  • LV button integrated with the LV selector instead of on its own.

These aren’t negatives, just the reality of upgrading/ updating to a much newer body.  It will take a bit of time before I can automatically know the location of moved and new buttons but so far, it hasn’t been as cumbersome as I had feared.  In fact, I think the new orientation of the buttons make sense and that Nikon was smart doing it this way.

First Impressions in Preset (Automatic) Modes

I figured that my introduction to the D7500 would be to use the presets (Auto/P/Scene) modes to see what this body could do on its own.  This, in my opinion, is a good starting point to see what, if any, improvements have been made compared to older models.

A note on automatic and  scene modes:  I’m a big proponent for using the scene modes built into the camera.  They are there for a reason, so why not?  I will use these as appropriate and they can often be a guide to what your starting point is for settings in manual or semi-manual modes.

In my opinion, only truly masochistic snobby-type photographers will completely ignore these features that they paid for as part of their camera.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect from the D7500 vs my old D90.  I was hopeful that the low light capabilities and greater AF coverage would make enough of a difference to justify the upgrade.  Don’t forget that I still love my D90 and that it’s a great camera to use for many purposes but I found it lacking in some areas, although possibly due to my own limitations.

My first shots were in P (Programmable Auto) mode using my nifty-fifty (Nikkor 50mm AF 1.8 D) and can be seen at I Got It! I Finally Got It!! 

I found that the presets were wonderful and the saturation in the D7500 is noticeably better than with the D90.  This is a great bonus and was one of the trade-offs I had when I upgraded from the even older D40 which tended to have more vivid colours than the D90.  I must mention, at this point, that I tend to shoot mostly in JPEG and not often in RAW.  This is mostly because of my inherent laziness in not wanting to do much in post-processing other than a few quick minor tweaks and cropping.

First Impressions in Other Modes

After my initial playing around with my nifty-fifty, I switched up with my Sigma 18-20mm f3.5-6.3.  This has become my de-facto general all-purpose multi-focal lens.  I usually have both of these lenses along for the ride when I’m out and about.

I still find that the saturation of colours is excellent in these.

One thing I can say is that, although I have and continue to love my D90, the D7500 offers a much better image in as far as clarity and saturation.

Continuous or Burst Shooting Mode

Wow!!!  That’s my word for this.  When comparing 8 frames per second vs 4.5/second, there really isn’t any other way to describe it.  It’s blazing fast and I’m sure my eyebrow goes up each time I shoot in burst mode. I’m very happy about this and I’m certain that I will benefit from it.

Other Observations

I am truly impressed with the AF system on the D7500.  I find that the Auto-focus is noticeably more responsive on both of the lenses used so far and this allows me to take more quality shots.  I tried to use it in lower light and the D7500 can auto focus on items that the D90 just cannot.  This is what I was hoping for and it doesn’t disappoint.
I also have noticed that ISO at 800 is much less grainy than with the older model – another plus!

The ergonomics and feel of the D7500 are great!  It feels comfortable in my hands and feels just as solid as I expect it to.  Everything is in easy reach and I think I will easily become accustomed to where everything has moved in a very short time.

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