I Got It! I Finally Got It!!

WhooHoo!  It’s Here!

Well, it took a few weeks of waiting but my new Nikon D7500 arrived last Friday!  I had been calling weekly, just to demonstrate my impatience as a weakness, with my third call on Thursday afternoon.  I must admit that the staff at Henry’s have been very good about the calls.  Of course, I wasn’t demanding anything.  Just checking if there was any news and chatted briefly with them while stating that I understood that the back-order was out of their hands.  We even joked a bit back-and-forth.

That said, it arrived a bit faster than I feared it could have been.  As soon as I got it home, the first thing I did was unpack the battery and charger and plug them in.  I had to get back to work (day job) so it was pretty decent timing for that since I wasn’t going to be sitting on my thumbs waiting to the battery to charge.  By the time I was done work for the day, I transferred my Joby Sling Strap from the D90 to my new little beast was ready to go!

With it being Friday and having a busy family at home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get many shots off but here are a few from that evening, straight from the camera (I took these while waiting for take-out with my nifty-fifty)


I’m rather impressed with this camera so far with the gloomy early evening light and hope to provide a more detailed review soon. By the way, these were all taken in P(Programmable Auto) just to see what the camera would do on its own.

2 thoughts on “I Got It! I Finally Got It!!

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