I finally did it!

See this up here right above?  After more than 10 years enjoying my trusty old D90, I finally bit the bullet and committed to ordering the D7500.

I’ve been humming and hawing over whether to get this.  My D90, as great as it is, simply doesn’t have the same low-light capabilities as the newer bodies.  There is also the benefit of a tilting touchscreen and WiFi and new toys and such built in.  The D7500 is 4 instances newer that the D90, and shares the sensor used by the D500.
Admittedly, I do have an aversion to commitment.  That is to say, I don’t commit easily but when I do, it’s all in!  What really convinced me here is that it is on sale with $700 off the $1699 price tag.

Great Expectations
As soon as I saw the deal (Tuesday of last week), I ran – OK, I drove – down to Henry’s in Kanata with the full intention of walking home with it.  I was prepared with my little ‘photography savings’ pouch (yes, I have a pencil case with funds for photo gear) with cash and gift cards accumulated over the past two years and my credit card to take care of the difference (since I wasn’t quite there with the savings).  So I took a look at the store model one more time and said, with a huge grin beaming, “I’ll take it now!”

I can honestly say that the beam died almost faster than the salesman can say “It’s on back-order”.  I mean.. Wait?  What?  You mean I got all excited about this new expensive camera and you don’t have it?  Amazingly, I was not the only one excited about this deal and all Henry’s locations were out of stock for the D7500.

Committing and Waiting…
The guy was apologetic and, to be fair, he probably thought I was just kicking tires when I was looking a the store demo.  I told him that’s life and I decided to order it anyway and at least be in the queue to have it when it comes in.  They said in about two weeks.  That was 9 days ago.  One thing I did discover is that this model seems to be sold out throughout Canada.  I’ve been resisting calling every day because, let’s be fair: They can’t control logistics and shipping.  I did call today to ask if there was any update on the status but no news so far and they promised a call and email once it does arrive.   I like the service at this Henry’s location and they never seem annoyed at what might be foolish questions.

So, while I don’t necessarily like waiting, it will hopefully add to the experience of actually getting it in hand.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the still great D90 and be thankful that I at least have that.
Bye for now!



9 thoughts on “I finally did it!

    • I use an app called photopill that I have blogged about. It has a AR feature that shows you where in the sky the milky way will be at any particular time and location. Really handy.

      I use a website called darksitefinder.com to locate places where there is low light pollution. I have had some success. It usually involves going somewhere a long way away over night, so I make a camping trip out of it.

      On the gear topic, I am currently considering ordering a refurbished lens from Nikon. I have done this before and got a great lens for a few hundred dollars off new, but it is a lot of money to part with so I am still thinking on it. They have a refurbished section on their website.


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