Snapshots from La Ronde (Montreal)

A little over a week ago, I took the family (myself, my much better half, and all four kids) to Montreal for a day trip to La Ronde.  This was my first time visiting this park and it was much larger than expected it to be.

I knew that making photos here would be a challenge but that’s what I love to do.  This was a family trip.  A time to spend time together and enjoy ourselves.  This exercise, from a photographic view, was not to make technically great photographs but rather to have fun and actually take snapshots.  Family type event photos that we can look back on is what I wanted out of this and I think I got them.

I’ll let you be the judge, though.

Got a nice capture of my eldest and youngest interacting right after we arrived in the park.


I also found this weird mushroom sculpture along one of the walkways.


There were large lines for all of the ‘non-kiddie’ rides.  When everyone is waiting in line, all I can do is wait.  While waiting for one ride, I saw this bird up in a tree and I just had to try and get this fellow.


Finally, they get on the ride.  Looks like they’re having a good time!


We make it to the carousel.  The carousel is a mandatory stop when you have little ones.  I think it’s even mentioned in the mysterious parenting manual that I never got a copy of.


Waiting for yet another ride, I am distracted by a flower right on the other side of the fence.  Actually, I kind of like the framing for this one.


It seems like we spent most of our time waiting.  Got a chance for this nice shot.


And we get the sisters.  I can tell that they are getting tired.


And, finally, while everyone is at the gift shop I got this structure just because it was there.


We had a great day together as a family and I don’t think we even saw half of the park.  We are planning on making another trip out there one day soon.


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