Review: Joby Pro Sling Strap


A little history

I have been walking around using the Nikon branded so-called  ‘neck-breaker’ that came with my cameras for the better part of 10 years and while it didn’t cause the discomfort that many complain about I did often find it a bit inconvenient at times.  I mean there is this kit strap, not long enough to go over the shoulders so we have to slip it over our head and have all the weight on the back of our neck.  It many situations, this is fine except that when we walk around it bounces all over the place and there is no way to actually move around without holding it in place unless you want it to swing around like a pendulum.

I started looking at different options and wanted to make sure that whatever I chose I would be happy with.
I finally made my mind earlier this year on the the Joby Pro Sling Strap because of its reviews, speaking with the staff at the camera shops and google.   Oh!  And my birthday was coming up.

(Disclaimer:  The images on this page came from the ‘net. They are not mine)


So, a few months ago, off to Henry’s my better half went (it was on sale, of course) and picked up the Joby Pro Sling Strap for my birthday. It securely attaches via the tripod mount at the bottom of the camera and also has a little tether for extra security .  As soon as I got it I took off the old strap and put on the new sling.  After fiddling for a bit, I easily figured out out to adjust the length of the strap.  I walked around the house with it on to see how it felt and I must admit, it felt much better than the old strap.
I waited a few months so I could get some real use out of it before sharing my views.

My personal observations on the Joby Sling Strap:

  • The sling strap is very comfortable to wear.  It fits well and is easily adjustable while wearing it. You can also switch from left shoulder to right shoulder, whichever is more appropriate at the time.
  • When adjusted, the camera rests against your side or back rather snugly and tends not to bounce around much.  In fact, with normal walking, it hardly moves at all.  This makes it great for when walking through groups of people as long as you are mindful of the camera’s position.
  • You can have your hands free for other things when not actually making photos.  Things such as setting up a tripod, getting gear out of your bag, or even grabbing a snack.  (I like snacks)
  • You have easy and quick access to the camera at any time.  After all, it is close at hand – literally.
  • You will require a little more space in your bag to accommodate the Joby Pro Sling Strap since it is larger than the vendor’s strap.  Not a big deal but good to be aware of.
  • If you want to look a little more ‘pro’ than you currently do, then this strap could help.  Of course, the reason you would look the part is because a sling strap seems to be preferred by pros because of the convenience and comfort associated with it – not because of vanity.
  • One potential negative for this sling strap is how it attaches to the camera.  It uses the tripod mount screw at the bottom of the camera.  If you use a tripod (as you should) you will find this to be an annoyance because you will need to remove the Sling Strap to attach your tripod mount plate.


What?  No Tripod?

That’s what I was thinking too.  I use my tripod a lot.  I mean A LOT!!

Never fear, though.  Joby has this handled too.  Albeit with an extra cost, of course: the Joby Ultra Plate.


This beauty allows me to keep the sling strap attached and still mount it on my tripod.  The Joby Ultra Plate is an Arca-Swiss compliant plate that you attach directly to the camera and then attach the Joby to it.


I must say that I am very happy with my sling strap.  It is much more comfortable than I had hoped and I know that it will last for a good long time.