Framing (with a twist)

As part of my photo challenge for Framing, I was taking photos of some artwork created by children at our local schools.

The artwork presented here is a small sampling of what children aged 5-14 can create.  Their challenge was to create posters that demonstrated the significance of Christ in Christmas.  It is called the Knights of Columbus ‘Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest’.

I can’t take the credit for their artwork but am very proud to be able to share it.  I took the images on my kitchen floor and zoomed in to just get the posters in the frame, using my old Nikon 28-80mm lens that I got on the cheap.  Yes, my knees were killing me after taking them all.

There was minimal cropping to keep only the artwork in the final images and a tiny increase in exposure.  That’s it.


This isn’t exactly what the challenge was about but I can’t help but show these off.  The kids are TALENTED and their work shows that the meaning of Christmas is alive in them, given that, all too often, it has become more of a secular holiday rather than a celebration of the birth of Jesus, as was prophesied.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!




3 thoughts on “Framing (with a twist)

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  2. What a delightful set of artwork. They are certainly creative. Thanks so much for sharing with us 🙂
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us…. surely will be waiting for more!!
    Please do visit my blog for exciting recipes, I started my blog today, and would love some feedback, thanks in advance and see you there! 🙂

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