Review: SIGMA EX 10-20MM F3.5 DC HSM



I’ve been wanting this Sigma 10-20mm lens for well over a year now so that I can take my landscape photos to the next level.  There are some creative avenues that this opens up for me too.  I finally got it after saving up Henry’s gift cards I have received as gifts.

I picked it up last weekend and tried it out right away!  It’s always exciting to get a new piece of gear.  At least for me, that is.  I took a shot from just beyond our front step and was able to the the entire front of our home in the frame.  I took some indoor shots as well.  Although I’m not sharing the at home test shots, they were fun and interesting.

This morning, I finally had a chance to take it out and put it through its paces.  I headed out before sunrise to catch the early morning light.  I started taking some setup shots to see how it performed and I saw the overcast sky and quickly realized that I was not going to get the spectacular sunrise I was hoping for.

Oh well.  I think I was still able to get some keepers.  The objective here was mainly to take some landscape images of the Ottawa River shoreline at Shirley’s Bay.   I chose this place mostly because it’s close to where I live.  Only 10 minutes away.  The rocks on either side of the the launch ramp also provide for some interesting foreground.


I also found this pole only about 20 meters away and I just had to get it.


The wider angle provides for pleasant fall-off (or lead-in) that emphasizes the foreground elements.  This is most noticeable with the third image here.  All of these were all shot at 4 seconds @ f/22 while it was still partly dark.  No filters.  Not bad considering I also forgot my remote.

I love this lens!  It’s fast to focus.  It’s quiet.  It’s smooth.  And, as you can hopefully see,  the quality is outstanding!  It’s heavier than my other lenses but it’s solid and once you have it in your hands, it doesn’t feel heavy.  It just feels sturdy.

The way that I am now able to compose my shots is broadened and don’t have to be as limited by focal length.  Again, I love this lens!




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