Abby’s First Sunset

It makes me proud when I pass on a bit of know-how to my children.  Here is a great example:

Sunset at Andrew Hayden Park

Sunset at Andrew Hayden Park


My 9 year old daughter took over the camera (as my kids often do) while we were walking along the paths at Andrew Hayden Park in Ottawa.  I myself have taken a few sunset shots here before but was a bit disappointed in them.  Here first couple of shots were rather dark and blurry (Aperture was set to f/11 for the first shots).  I usually keep the mode selector in Aperture priority and this was no different.  Since we didn’t have a tripod, I gave her a bit of direction:

  • Move the front dial until the number was set to the one just below F8. (In this case it was f/7.1)
  • Focus on something across the water – not the sun.
  • Stand very still.  Take a breath and hold it.
  • Shoot. Still hold your breath.
  • Now relax.  You just took the picture.

I explained to her why we did these things.  I told her that the lower the number for the aperture, the more light we let in.  We don’t want too much but enough so that we can get a good clear picture.  We focus on an object in the landscape so that we get the right colours and brightness.  Stand still and hold your breath so that the camera doesn’t move.  No blur!  Hand-held at that!

She now wants to take even more pictures.  Mission accomplished!

We will be framing this one for her wall.


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