On Canada Day this year, we decided to take it easy and stay away from the crowds.  So, rather than go to a venue where there would be a lot of people and celebrations, we went driving around outside the city.

We ended up in Merrickville in the middle of the afternoon.  I love this place and don’t often get a chance to go very often, even though it’s not that far away.  It’s a quaint little village with a lot of artisans and outside patios.  Very small and comfortable to visit – as long as you don’t plan on doing a lot of shopping.  The prices for items in the shops can get up there but they always have interesting finds.

As it usually goes, my better half goes into the shops to see what she can find and I stay outside just loving the place.

I got the following shot by crouching (nearly sitting) at the main intersection of the village to get the angle I wanted.  Needless to say, my wife was more than a little concerned, which was demonstrated by her classic head shake.

Arnprior Fire Chief's Car

Arnprior Fire Chief’s Car

Another ‘artsy’ type shot of the same car after a bit of rain.  I was trying to get a hint of the chrome at the front of the engine bonnet.


Red Chevrolet Hood

As we were walking up one of the streets, my wife pointed out a patio with classic kitchen-type black-and-white tiles.  This was beautifully accented by the chrome stools with red seats along the outside bar area.  How could I resist?  I got close to the floor and shot this one.


Stools on Checkered Porch

I also got the following of St Anne’s Church.  It caught my eye because of how I could frame the lead-in with the shrubs.


St Anne’s in Merrickville

All in all, I am happy with the shots I was able to get in one day.  The clouds provided me with the lighting that I absolutely love and I was feeling inspired this day.  This makes for a happy time for my camera and me.


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