My First Published Shots


Morning Dock View

I’m not sure that these are published in the strictest sense, but they are being used by someone other than me.  These were taken with the D40 I used to own and with my D90.

I’m one of those people who loves recognition for what I create.  I’ve often thought about the prospect of my images being used by someone else (with my permission, of course), thus providing me with bragging rights on my work.

Call it ego, or hubris, or simple vanity.  I just want to be able to say “I did that!”

Last fall, I was approached by a fellow who asked permission for the use of some of my photos in a new website he was creating for a marina that I had spent a lot of time at on the Big Rideau Lake between Perth and Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Of course, I happily agreed to share my images for free and asked that he provide credit for the photos.  Why free?  The owner of the marina is a true gentleman and has been very good to us (my family and me) over the years.  I love every moment spent there and always make a point to visit as often as I can, even when I don’t have a boat in the slip.

The website creator surpassed my expectations.  Not only did he provide credit for the photos, but he also created a dedicated section in the gallery in which to showcase them.  All I can say to him is, “Nice work!” and “Thank You”.

I’m not into photography to get paid.  I’m in it for the pure enjoyment of it.  I love to learn.  Even though I’m no expert, I love to teach too.  Most of all, I love sharing and showcasing what I have shot.

Besides, as I stated above, the marina owner has been very good to me.  I wouldn’t feel right charging him for something that I would have offered to him freely anyway.

Rideau Ferry Bridge at sunset

Rideau Ferry Bridge at sunset

Check out more and take a look at the great work done by the website creator at:

Rideau Ferry Harbour Website

Gallery of Images

Happy Shooting!


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