Review: Fotopro C40i Tripod/Monopod (Part 1)

I got this baby at Christmas from Henry’s.  The photo is from their site so I didn’t have to take one myself.c40i

Ever since I started with photography, I’ve been using a Soligor pan head tripod that I got from Black’s, way back in 2008.  I admit, it was a ‘cheapy’ but I still have it and it still is functional – although the plastic pieces are showing wear in the form of cracks and twists.

Now I have been reading a lot of folks preaching about the importance of a good ball head over the past several years and I kept thinking, “Yeah, sure.  I can’t justify getting a new tripod when I have one here that works fine just because it seems cool”.  For the life of me, I could not think of any reason to get a new tripod as long as mine was working.

Well, it happened.  Just before Christmas, I misplaced the plate for the old tripod.  You know –  part that screws into the bottom of ol’ Betsy (my camera) so I can snap it onto the tripod.  I looked everywhere.  I looked in the basement.  I looked in the car – even took some junk out of the trunk to look.  I rummaged through where I keep my camera gear (most people call this their living room).  I just couldn’t find the darn thing!  “That’s it! It’s lost!”, I told myself.  Now I have to get a new one.

So, I looked online at Henry’s.  They had a special on a funky looking orange tripod going for $129 CAD.  I did my research by looking up reviews for it.  There were only a few that I could find but they were positive.  So, I made a request for this to ‘you-know-who’.  My kids know that I was a good boy last year and it was on sale.  After all, it makes Santa’s job a bit easier.  Well, doesn’t it?

I excitedly unwrapped my tripod on Christmas Day and proceeded to become familiar with it.  It came bundled in a nice little soft case which includes a shoulder strap for carrying.  Inside the side pocket of this case, there are instructions and..  wait for it…  tools!  These consist of two keys and a dual sized wrench (3/8″ and 1/4″).  I’m thinking “Whoa!  What did I get myself into?”.  It turns out that the wrench is used for switching the head from the tripod to the monopod leg.  More on that later.  The instructions say that I need to use one of the keys to tighten a screw to secure the head before using.  And, being the ‘yeah-yeah’ type of guy that I often tend to be, I ignored this little tidbit of information and proceeded to play.

More in Part 2.


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