New Circular Polarizer


I finally bit the bullet.  I’ve been meaning to do this for the past couple of years.  I have been reading about the benefits of using a Circular Polarizing filter (C-PL) when taking daytime shots to improve the exposure.

Since I first started into this wonderful and potentially wallet-emptying journey of photographic growth, I have ensured that I had a UV filter on my lens.  Not necessarily for image quality but rather to help protect my glass.  It’s a lot easier to wipe a $20 UV filter and take a chance on scratching it than to take the same risk on a much more expensive lens.

So, yesterday evening, I went to Henry’s and got the Kenko Circular PL filter that they had on special.  I got the 58mm size because that is the largest filter thread for my lenses so far.  Most of my glass has 52mm filter thread.  Fortunately, I already own a step-down ring that I can use for my 52mm glass.

Today, I decided to go out for a bit of a walk on one of the local trails (Sarsaparilla Trail) to try it out.  I decided to use my original kit lens (18-55mm DX) .  I got the following chipmunk by lying down on my belly to get a face-on shot.


Curious Chipmunk

Curious Chipmunk

Other than cropping because of the short focal length, there was no additional processing here.  Notice how we don’t have part with the sun hitting blown out and we can see the details of the tree trunk.  The green grass at the lower left pops out a bit.  I tried to lead the viewer from the bottom left corner to the little fellow here.

I tried to get some good shots of a Canada goose but it was too far away for my lens.  Note to Self:  Bring a longer lens just in case…

I still have to practice a bit more with this new little toy on the end of my lens.  In my opinion, it does a great job.  So far.. so good.