I love my Nikon D90

My Nikon D90, although several years old, is still the one I choose to shoot with.  For a bit of a backgrounder for my choice of cameras, feel free to read My First DSLR and My Current Camera.


My Official Statement

I’m not a professional photographer.  I’m still learning. I do however have my opinions and am not afraid to share them.

Tried and True

I love how I can easily get a great shot from my 12MP D90.  After using it for over 5500 shutter releases (and counting), I know where to go for most settings quickly.  The quality of images (when I pay attention) are fantastic!  I love the size of the body too.  I can easily take it with me almost anywhere and the fact that lens compatibility is very broad helps to save money by taking on older lenses and not having to stick solely with newer DX ones.

The whole setup, ergonomically speaking, really works for me.  Everything is within reach and easily identifiable by my stubby fingers.  At a touch, I know which control I am using while still looking through the viewfinder, which tells me what changes I am making.  This means I can work on composition of the frame and don’t have to take the camera away from my face to change things all the time.

The Nikon D90 has been dependable and consistently provides great images.  I shot my father-in-law’s wedding (for free) with it and everything came out wonderfully.  I even got creative with some of the shots and the bride and groom absolutely loved them.

My trail adventures have also provided me with a lot of opportunities to capture some breathtaking and sometimes surprising subjects. These included ducks, swans, chickadees, finches, trees, swamps, waterfalls, lakes, rivers…

The new kid on the Block

I’ve seen the 24MP D7100 out there which is supposed to be the replacement for the good old D90.  To be honest, after researching online, trying it out, and asking the salesguys at Henry’s, there’s no reason for me to trade it in.  The newer models don’t have anything to offer that will make any real difference in my photographic quest for great images to justify the out-of-pocket.  There is one convenience that I would have liked in my D90:  The ability to have two custom exposure settings on the selector dial.  This by itself, is not a deal-maker or deal-breaker in my books.

One may argue that the 24MP sensor is a big step up.  I tend to scoff at that argument, though.  I’m not printing 40ft by 40ft prints to hang on my outside wall.  Even so, I imagine my old D40 could have done a nice enough job in that respect.  While more pixels should provide more details, we have to weigh this in with how much more and what are the trade-offs with similar sensor size?  (By the way, the sensor is the same physical size between the D90’s 12MP and D7100’s 24MP.  This means that the pixels on the sensor would need to be smaller to fit on the sensor, thus reducing the actual effective light that can be captured by each pixel.)  Also, in order to double the resolution you need to multiply the pixel count by 4.

Don’t get me wrong, though…  The D7100 is an excellent camera.  I just don’t think the difference is enough to change at this time.

Faithful to my D90

With all the joy I’ve been having with the D90, I think I’ll hang on to it for at least another year since there isn’t a DX replacement that is worth the upgrade to me – at least until the gap gets a bit wider.

Decide for yourself which you prefer….


While they are still available on Amazon.ca, I would recommend the D90:

Otherwise, if you really, really want the latest DX by Nikon:


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