Get Out There!!

The current photo challenge I am participating in has proven to be a bit of a kick in the ass for me. Lately (meaning a few months), I’ve been procrastinating and, to be honest: L.A.Z.Y.

Now get this:  I want to take lots of photos. I want to get out and find things that are interesting. I want to be creative.  I want to showcase what I am doing.

Unfortunately, my attitude has been “I’ll get to it later”. And like many other similar statements, later never comes ….

Let this be my official statement that I will no longer “get to it later”.  I can’t build on my skills and learn new techniques unless I get out there! and do it.

If I don’t get out there!, I can’t make the wonderfully glorious mistakes that make me shake my head a the end of the day because I left the white balance on ‘monochrome’ when trying to capture the autumn leaves at their brightest and most colourful.

So, I tell myself and anyone else who may listen:  Get Out There!

Get out there! and find interesting stuff and fascinating people.  Get out there! and make mistakes.  Get out there! and capture the moment simply for the sake of practice and the pure enjoyment of ‘getting out there!’.

I am committed to finding new photographic challenges to help keep the creative juices flowing out there!. I will be out there! with my trusty D90 much more often.

Who knows what we’ll find out there!?


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