Black & White Photo Challenge: (Day 2)

I was invited/challenged by a good friend of mine to participate in this exercise.  I expect that this can only help to improve my photographic skills – especially since I hardly ever shoot in black and white.

Day 2 of the Black & White photo challenge.

It involves posting a B&W image every day for 5 consecutive days and every day nominate a photographer to join the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to experiment with b/w photography, to understand how it can provide a different feel to a photo. Have fun with it, make mistakes and learn from those pictures that aren’t quite right!

Treat Me

Treat Me

Today’s picture was again taken with my handy little 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. Set on Aperture priority@ f/6.3, I still get a narrow depth of field – mainly because I’m so close to the subject. The title of the imaqe is ‘Treat Me’. My younger daughter is allergic to peanuts and nuts so having these at work are indeed a treat since we don’t allow them at home..


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