Studio on the Cheap

I just received a very basic home studio package via  This is so that I can take my photography to the next level, with a bit more control of lights and setting.

I unpacked it last night and made sure everything was there.  Yay them!

CanadianStudio Photo Studio Continuous 2-Head Umbrella Lighting Light Black/White/Green High Key Muslin Backdrop Stand Kit


  • (1) 1 pcs each black, white and green 6’x9′ Heavy duty high key muslin backdrop
  • (2) 1 set 7’x10′ backdrop stands kit with carrying case
  • (3) 2 pcs 7 foot fully adjustable Light stands
  • (4) 2 pcs 33″ black/silver umbrella & 2 pcs 33″ translucent umbrellas
  • (5)2*200W(EQV)=400W 5500K Professional fluorescent Light bulbs & 2 pcs single light sockets


Please stand by for my review which I will attempt to complete within the next couple of days…


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