Going Forward

Now that I have shared a little bit of history with you, what will follow  is a ‘mishmash’ of various topics, reviews by myself, links to reviews by others, my own opinions, as well as anything that I find useful or think may be of use to others with respect to photography.  Most equipment reviews will be Nikon and what I can use with Nikon because that’s what I own.

I don’t currently have a strict format for these and will work it out as this grows.

I will spend a considerable amount of time working on updates and sharing information that may help you.  If you have any special requests for what you would like to see included, feel free to submit them as comments here and I will certainly review them.

Photography can be expensive.

Any equipment I get and share information about are mine.  That means I spent my hard earned money to get it.  Because of this, I will be able to review a limited amount of equipment.  If you would like me to review even more, you can make a donation in bitcoins to the following address:


or scan the following QR code:


If you want to learn more about bitcoins;



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