My First DSLR and why I chose Nikon

canonrebelxt canonrebelxtback


Now that’s confusing!  The title says Nikon and the first thing I show you is Canon…..

The reason is that this is the camera I was hunting for on Boxing Day 2007.  When I say ‘hunting’  I actually mean ‘desperately trying to find one in stock’.  The big boxing day ads for Future Shop and Best Buy were advertising the Canon Digital Rebel XT for only $399.  This was a great deal!  I dragged my family on an all-day full round tour of Ottawa to find this baby after having pleaded and begged for permission to upgrade from a point-and-shoot.  If you have ever been married or in a committed relationship where financial decisions had an effect on everyone’s quality of life, you know about the begging and pleading.

The huge issue here is that I wasn’t the only one who had an epiphany and decided to go all-out for the Canon DSLR.   Every where I went, they were sold out.  One guy at a Future Shop must have been so overwhelmed by the huge amount of sales that he decidedly refused to help me in my search.  He simply told me that they are out of stock and cannot do anything about it.  He was incredibly rude.  This individual made certain that I would never, ever shop at Future Shop again.  This was the last time I ever went into a Future Shop.

After trips to just about every location in the city for Future Shop and Best Buy, I had pretty much  given up.  As we were heading home, I saw a Henry’s sign.  This place wasn’t even on my radar but I was aware that they were a ‘camera store’.  I figured we would give it a shot…


D40front D40_back


I walked into the shop and, wow!  I didn’t know there were so many cameras out there!  I went directly to the counter and asked the young lady about the Canon Rebel that was on Boxing Day sales all over town.  She told me that they were sold out.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement.  I thought to myself, “can’t I even catch a break?”

She then advised me that the reason for the huge sale is that the camera was either discontinued or was about to be.  She also said that she may have a better deal for me.  She asked the appropriate questions such as have I ever used a DSLR before and what did I want to do with it?  No, I didn’t give a smart-ass remark (this surprised my wife).  She told me that while Canon is an excellent camera, she preferred Nikon.   She then took one off the display behind her and handed it to me.  She said,”Try it out”.  So I did try it out.. with a bit of guidance, of course.

I was hooked and she saw it!  Now this camera cost $50 more than the Canon.  I was hesitant about spending more on a camera that wasn’t my first choice so she sweetened the pot by adding a UV filter and an SD card.  she said that the camera came with two free learning session on how to use it.  .. SOLD!!

This Nikon camera?  The Nikon D40.

The title above is a little misleading because the salesgirl is who actually chose the camera for me.  And it turns out that it was the perfect camera for me at that time!


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