My Equipment Before DSLR




I remember that for years, I had a Kodak Cameo film camera.  This was my ‘go-to’ for everything.  I did not have any appreciation for photography whatsoever and this little baby was responsible for capturing the time around the birth of my eldest daughter.  This was in the 1990s and it did what it was meant to do – take pictures.


dc3200front dc3200back

My first digital camera was a Kodak DC-3200.  1MP was huge in 2001 and I had a great time with it.  Taking over 900 photos during a two-week vacation that summer to Nova Scotia.  This truly was a toy to play with and digital cameras were new to most people.  The only problem is it was huge and clunky.  I mean, it came with a built-in stand!  I had fun with it just the same.  Notice that this used a fixed lens and the LCD screen was only 1.6″.  Operating this camera was very basic.

Believe it or not, bragging rights came along with this old beast!  I would say, to people, “This doesn’t use film.  I can take as many pictures as I want and it doesn’t cost me a dime.”  Everyone thought it was awesome!!



Long before getting into DSLR photography, I knew I wanted a DSLR camera.  I just couldn’t justify the cost and thought that the complexity of such a beast was way beyond my capabilities.  So, as many others on the planet, I stuck with point-and-shoot cameras and was rather content because I could take pictures and digital cameras were awesome!  I was used to the obligatory delay between pressing the shutter button and actually having it actuate.

Immediately before I got a DSLR, I was happily clicking away with a Canon Powershot A60.  This was a great little camera which had way more features than I knew what to do with.  I would take it with me and had a whole lot of fun taking snapshots whenever I wanted to capture the moment.   I thought it was really cool that it had a zoom lens that would telescope out.  Whenever I would power up the camera, I was immediately gratified by the whirring of the motor to open up the lens which was previously nestled inside the body of the unit.

While I liked to think I took care of it, the reality is that this little camera was somewhat abused.  There were many times it would get bumped as I moved around or jostled with other items completely unrelated to taking pictures.  In my mind, my camera was a little toy and I loved using it.  I even dropped it in water more than once (I won’t admit to exactly how often though).

I had this little shooter for about 4 years when it finally died in 2007, on Christmas day, no doubt.  We got up in the morning and I prepared to take some Christmas morning pictures and perhaps a little movie or two of my second daughter who was having her first Christmas.  I turned on the power to the camera and, as usual, the lens came out with that comforting whirr I came to expect.  I then noticed that something was wrong.  The problem here was that the live view screen on the back was black!  I couldn’t see anything.  This meant that I could not take any pictures!  Christmas Day and no way to take pictures!  Oh no!!

Right there and then, I knew I had to get a new camera.  And guess what?  Canon Rebel DSLRs were on sale for boxing Day!  WhooHoo!


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