Studio on the Cheap – Backdrop

Continuing from Studio on the Cheap,   I finally was able to break out the backdrop kit and give it a bit of a run.

Space is at a premium in my home and I am using our living room as the venue here without moving any furniture.  That said, the backdrop stand was easy to set up and did not take up much space at all.  I set the height to about 6’6″ and used three of the horizontal connecting bars which span at about 7’6″.  (These are approximate lengths since I didn’t really measure them.)

The Backdrop

I took the backdrops out of their respective plastic wraps and inspected them to see how they were built.  They aren’t very thick but what does one expect for the price, eh?  I decided to go with the black backdrop and replaced the white and green ones into their wraps for protection.

Unfolding the black muslin, I saw that the creases from having been folded are very obvious.  Not a huge deal and I saw that this can be taken care of by using a steamer or a spray bottle with water and lightly misting the muslin on the back to help get the wrinkles out.

I set up the muslin by draping about a foot of it over the crossbar and used the clips to hold it in place on each end.  This means that I didn’t have to thread the crossbar through the top channel in the muslin, and will make changing muslin that much easier and faster.

One thing I noticed is that with the material being as thin as it is, some of the details on the wall behind the muslin can be seen – especially if there is any stray light back there from the windows.  This is certainly something to keep in mind when setting up.  Not a huge deal for me though – I’ll just need to be aware of where I set up the backdrop.

Being late afternoon, I wanted to use the ambient light and then my on-camera flash to see what kind of photos we can take without the continuous lighting added.

Pictures will be posted soon….